The Issue

The Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment is taking place in France this October.

Fully funding the Global Fund means wealthy nations must pledge at least $14 billion USD to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Countries like China, the world’s second largest economy, have not given their fair share to the Fund and must increase their pledges if we’re going to defeat the three diseases by 2030.


Why Fund the Global Fund?

AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria are the world’s deadliest infectious diseases that, despite being 100% treatable and preventable, still kill over 3 million people each year.

Since its start in 2002, the Global Fund has saved over 27 million lives!

Thanks to the Fund’s great work, there are over 17.5 million people receiving lifesaving antiretroviral therapy for HIV, and in 2017 alone, the Global Fund treated 5 million people for tuberculosis and distributed nearly 200 million mosquito nets to combat malaria.


The Global Fund in Crisis

Funding has remained virtually flat for the last several rounds of Replenishment.

Unless wealthy nations like China and leading petroleum producers donate more, we will continue to lose the battle against the three diseases.


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